The most innovative technology solutions in the world are worthless to a business if there is no one to successfully design, implement, and manage them.

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We are digital architects driven by a long history of construction & technology business ingenuity and technical expertise.  We offer high performance buildings technology solutions – with a goal to be No.1 in Master Systems Integration and service excellence.

CitiFour has a distinguished team of technical expertise in addition to a community of partners, who develop and deploy high performance Internet of things (IoT) technology solutions. Our ultimate aim is to deliver the best business results to our customers for various scales and variety of projects – large and small.

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Communication, Integration, Intelligence, and Security are four pillars of any real estate IoT deployment, which must be orchestrated effectively and efficiently at design stage. In reality, adopting IoT solutions in new or existing projects will allow construction-related entities to interact with customers, and value chains in new ways, delivering unique & high value propositions to owners, operators, and tenants. 

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At every level of our company no matter which department or division, CitiFour commitment to customers is priority one. We work hard to be a partner that companies rely on and trust to do right by them. We are committed to our customers’ success. No matter what technology issue or business challenge arises, we are there to address it and help our customers.

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In the digital age, excelling often means navigating a complex and constantly-changing ICT environment.

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